Luke Skywalker Has Been Busy Pulling Pints In A Pub In Ireland

When he’s not busy slaying Darth Vader and battling the Dark Side, what exactly does Luke Skywalker get up to? I seem to remember him saying that he “used to bullseye womp rats in my T-16 back home” – but shooting small rodents hardly constitutes a hobby. If anything, it is the worrying behaviour of a serial killer in the making. Of course I joke, but what has our man Luke been up to of late?

Well it turns out Luke Skywalker (played by actor Mark Hamill) has been pulling pints in a pub in Ireland. Sounds crazy right? But it’s all true.


Colm Flynn and Jonathan Lambert wandered into their local pub in Portmagee for a pint of Guiness (I imagine), when they spotted the Star Wars icon behind the bar. Star Wars VIII is currently shooting in Skellig Michael, just off the Kerry coast, and Hamill was obviously enjoying some down-time from the rigours of filming when he was spotted.

Known for wielding his sexy blue lightsabre and his dodgy parentage, Star Wars fans will be hoping that Hamill isn’t getting in some method acting so Skywalker can stand and pull pints at Rebel HQ. We want to see Luke front and centre, killing Stormtroopers and chopping Sith in half.

God I love Star Wars.

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