This Crazy Guy Cut Off His Own Toe Because the Internet Asked Him To


We’ve all been dared to do crazy shit at some point in our life, many of us have been stupid enough to give in to the peer pressure. However, usually the dares tend to be along the lines of ‘eat that chilli’ or ‘jump off that rock’. Yes they can be pretty dangerous but they seem relatively tame compared to the challenge that this guy accepted.

In this job I’ve seen some pretty crazy and pretty sick things on the internet (and not the good sick, I mean the gross, sick to your stomach kind of sick) but this may top them all.

Be warned this article contains extremely graphic content, it is not for the faint hearted or for before lunch.

This story all began at 4chan – an image-based bulletin site that allows users to post images and comments anonymously – it started with one user posting a picture of their toe which had a small scab.

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 13.42.55

Things swiftly got toetally out of hand.

The anonymous user shared the photo with an accompanying caption, ‘dubs decides what I do’, which referred to the comment code. As I said before everyone is anonymous on the site so users have comment codes rather than names.

‘Dubs decides’ therefore refers to the randomly generated code. Anyone with a ‘dubs’ or ‘double’ number in their comment code would decide what happened.

Then yes, you guessed it, THEY CHOPPED OFF THEIR TOE and posted one final picture…

I think we can all agree that the world has well and truly lost the plot and a toe by the looks of things. The internet has blessed us with some brilliant things over the years – sneezing pandas, babies laughing, anadorably tiny deer – but amongst all of that you find shit like this, sorry.

It just so happened that user ‘638077328’ wanted them to ‘chop off the toe’. You’d expect that the madness would end there, oh how wrong of us to think this way.

The scabby toed individual then tied a hairband around said toe to shut off the circulation…

And prepared some ice to numb the pain and an axe for, well, you know…


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