Sexy Colombian Sara Calixto is a Must Follow

#1 Meet Sara

Colombian hootie Sara Calixto is making waves thanks to her tatt’s and pure hotness.

#2 The Hottest Ever

She’s unlike most women you’d see in the South American country…but that’s what makes her special.

#3 Pokemon Go!

We’d choose her Pikachu as out Pokemon any day of the week!

#4 Meow

She’s a sexy mix between a cosplay girl and biker chick.

#5 Dark Rebel

There’s something dark and mysterious about her that makes her even hotter.

#6 She Really Likes Pokemon

You can probably see why tons of nerdy guys are obsessed with her Instagram!

#7 Tatted Up

Her tatts are muted and perfectly placed…this girls got taste for sure.

#8 Pretty In Blue

See, she doesn’t only wear black…

#9 666

She’s definitely a chick Marilyn Manson would’ve wanted to date…and probably still does.

#10 Whip It Good

We get the feeling she’d be rough in bed…and we’d all love it.

#11 Aloha

Don’t you just love a cleverly placed emoji?

#12 IG Famous

You can see why thousands of people around the globe follow Sara, there’s just something about her.

#13 Cheese!

OMG she smiles! Isn’t she just adorable?

#14 The Little Mermaid

The mermaid we all dream of running across at the beach!

#15 You’re Welcome!

You can follow Sara’s every move online right now @coralinnecr